Payroll is an extra add-on service to our bookkeeping service. Whatever the size of your business, you will find one of our payroll options to suit your needs. Stand- alone payroll is not one of our current services. 

Auto-pension enrolment is a specialist area and to ensure you are fully compliant we have partnered with Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, LEBC and Aviva to provide ICB Pensions Solutions.

Essential Payroll

Essential Payroll: This option is best for those business owners who are on a tight budget and want the peace of mind of knowing they are doing things right with their payroll, and are happy to deal with auto-pension enrolment separately.

Full Payroll

Full Payroll: This is our most popular option because you get unlimited payroll support, reporting of benefits in kind (e.g. company cars) and bespoke reports. We deal with your auto-pension enrolment compliance provided you take up our ICB Pensions Solutions.  

Premium Payroll

Premium Payroll: This is the best option for larger businesses or businesses with more complex requirements who want the very best service.

Our Full Payroll service typically includes:

  • Process the payroll and calculate payments due
  • Provision of detailed electronic payslips and year-end P60s
  • Submit real time information to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)
  • Complete and submit the final end of year RTI declaration
  • Produce net pay and tax payment files for import into your bank
  • Completion of forms P11D and P11D(b) and calculating Class 1A
  • Company car notification of change through a P46 car form
  • Non-variable deduction company pension schemes
  • Unlimited support for payroll matters
  • Create full journal entries for easy input into your accounting system
  • Whenever possible we run the payroll in Xero accounting software

How do you benefit from our payroll service?

Collate your payroll data

Every pay period (weekly, bi-weekly, four weekly or monthly) our reminder system will request the data we need to process the payroll for you, which means you can focus on running your business without having to remember when you need to get the information together to pay your employees.

Process leavers

We will process any employees who leave to ensure the accuracy of the final payments and deductions (e.g. pro-rated salary, holiday pay, childcare vouchers) and produce forms P45 and P46 for these employees.

Provision of detailed electronic payslips

If you prefer you can opt for password protection or hard copy payslips.

Submit Real Time information to HM Revenue and Customs

For each pay period we will carry out a Full Payment Submission and Employer Payment Summary.

Completion of forms P11D and P11D(b) and calculating the Class 1A

Completion of forms P11D and P11D(b) and calculating the Class 1A – Completion of P11D form for employees with expenses/benefits and cash equivalent expenses/benefits. Completion of the P11D(b) form totalling all expenses/benefits provided and the Class 1A due.

Provision of our New Starter checklist

This will make it much easier to ensure you collect everything you need when you employ a new person and ensure employee details are registered correctly with HM Revenue and Customs for PAYE & NIC purposes.

Record and calculate Student Loan and Salary Sacrifice deductions

We will deal with all these additional calculations to ensure your payroll is correctly processed and your employees receive the correct net pay.

Calculate payments due to HM Revenue and Customs

These calculations will include PAYE, National Insurance, Student Loan, Employer allowance and Statutory Maternity Pay recovered. This will ensure you pay across the correct amount to HM Revenue and Customs every month and avoid any penalties and interest.

Complete and submit the final end of year RTI declaration

At the end of each tax year you must submit certain information to HM Revenue and Customer, but we will do this for you.

Provide year-end P60s for each employee

As well as payslips, you must provide every employee with a P60 at the end of the tax year, and once again we will do this for you.

Process the payroll

Our payroll system will carry out all of the calculations based upon the information you supply to us which means you can be sure you are paying the correct amounts to your employees and HM Revenue and Customs. This will include the calculation of SSP and SMP payments and other voluntary deductions (except pensions and auto enrolment, which is covered below). We will also keep detailed records for PAYE inspection purposes.

Ensure compliance with the latest payroll legislation

Tax and payroll legislation is constantly changing but you can leave those worries to us and focus on building your business.

Employer NIC Allowance

We will assess your eligibility to claim the Employer NIC Allowance at the earliest opportunity up to a maximum allowed per year.

Unlimited support for payroll matters

There will be times when you have a question about your payroll. As part of our full payroll service you get unlimited email and telephone support on all payroll matters. This means you can call on us at any time knowing that you will never be charged for our time or advice. If additional work is required we will give you a fixed price quotation for that extra work before any additional work is started.

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